Brain & Spinal Injuries

About 11,000 spinal cord injuries and another estimated 1.7 million brain injuries occur each year in the U.S., often caused by the negligence of others. Our firm has two decades of experience helping clients pursue the compensation they deserve when they sustain life-changing injuries to the brain or spine.

Causes of brain and spinal injuries

Both types of injury frequently result from common accidents such as the following:

Motor vehicle collisions

Construction site accidents, including falls from great heights or blows to the head or body

Falls on poorly maintained premises, such as wet floors, faulty carpeting or icy parking lots

Sporting accidents

The severity of injuries

The luckiest victims of head and back injuries escape with whiplash, sprains and strains, or minor concussions. But one major peril of sustaining these types of injuries is that the full extent of injury may not reveal itself for several days or even longer. Most individuals with a seemingly minor bump on the head or sore back do not seek the immediate attention needed to properly diagnose and treat the condition — and potentially keep it from getting worse.

The spine directly communicates with the brain, affecting movement and other vital functions. Both spinal cord injuries and brain injuries can result in permanent disabilities, such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, loss of sensory abilities, speech issues, and even improper operation of internal organs.

If you or a loved one sustains life-altering injuries caused in whole or in part by negligent acts of other parties, you need a personal injury attorney with extensive experience and a network of skilled medical experts who can help develop your case — and potentially help with your treatment. Our spinal and back injury lawyers have helped many clients achieve justice in these difficult cases.

Experienced lawyers can help you pursue a potential lifetime of compensation

Regardless of how minor a head or back injury may seem initially, victims need to seek immediate experienced medical attention. Experienced head and back injury attorneys can help ensure you do not pay out of pocket for expenses that range from immediate medical costs to a lifetime of medical and specialized personal care.We provide skilled and compassionate legal support to families who suffer head and back injuries.

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