Trucking Accident Attorney Helps Victims Obtain Compensation for Their Injuries

Accidents with large commercial vehicles, such as semis, 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers, involve complexities that do not exist for collisions between passenger vehicles. Our truck accident lawyers have nearly 30 years of experience dealing with the issues pertaining to state and federal truck regulations and the details of the commercial trucking business. We know that all these factors affect the ability of victims to achieve successful outcomes for their cases, and we know how to help clients obtain rightful compensation for trucking accident injuries.

Special issues involved in trucking accidents

We have extensive experience leveling the playing field between large trucking firms and our injured clients. We handle cases involving all types of trucking accidents, and represent family members who’ve lost a loved one in a fatal trucking accident.

We have specific knowledge of the issues surrounding 18-wheeler and other large truck accident cases, including the following:

Severe injuries — A passenger vehicle is no match against a semi-truck, tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler that can weigh as much as 40 tons. Even when a trucking accident does not result in fatalities, the driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle often sustain disabling injuries that have profound effects on the rest of their lives.

State and federal laws — Truck drivers must follow all laws governing many aspects of their trips, including weight limits and the rest periods required for long hauls.Truck accident attorneys must remain current on these laws and know how to determine when drivers or their companies flout the laws at the peril of everyone sharing roads with them.

Trucking operations — The manner in which trucking companies run their businesses can pose dangers to others on the road. To save time, they may insufficiently prepare trucks for trips by taking shortcuts in safety inspections or cargo loading. This can cause brake failure, jackknife accidents and other serious issues. Experienced truck accident lawyers often enlist investigative specialists who know how to obtain evidence of shortcuts that caused severe trucking accidents.

Focused legal defense teams — We have a history of successfully going against teams of insurance company lawyers that focus solely on defending these nuanced truck accident cases.

All Types of Trucking Accident Cases

About trucking accidents

Truck accidents, such as those involving semis, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles, are among the most perilous kinds of accidents that can occur on the road. Large trucks may only account for 3 percent of all motor vehicles on the road, but 12 percent of all crashes involve these vehicles. If you or a loved one is injured in an 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident we can help you obtain rightful compensation for your losses.

Types of truck accidents

A tractor-trailer or other truck accident can occur under a number of different circumstances. All types of trucking accidents are dangerous in different ways, and all can cause significant damage and lead to severe injuries or even fatalities. The following types of 18-wheeler truck accidents are among the most common:

Head-on truck accidents — These types of accidents occur when the front ends of two or more vehicles collide, at least one being a semi or other large truck. Head-on crashes tend to be quite violent and can cause serious damage, depending on how fast the vehicles are traveling at the time of impact.

Rear-end truck accidents — A truck may crash into the vehicle ahead of it for several reasons. If the driver ahead suddenly decelerates, a driver following too closely may not have enough time to brake. A fatigued driver who does not adhere to the federal hour limits and rest regulations may have delayed reaction time even when following at a safe distance.

Side collisions — When an 18-wheeler or other large truck crashes into the side of another automobile, injuries and vehicle damage can be the most severe, though the level of damage often depends on the vehicle’s safety features, how fast the vehicle and truck were traveling and the area in which the vehicle was struck. Side-collision truck accidents most typically occur when a truck fails to yield the right of way.

Other types of 18-wheeler and semi crashes include single-truck accidents, multi-vehicle truck accidents, also known as pileups, and underride truck accidents. Whatever type of trucking accident caused your injuries, an attorney from our firm can answer your questions and help you get the compensation you deserve.