Injury Attorney epresents Victims of Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

Help when a negligent driver injures you

Pedestrians and bicyclists share an important connection — for both, their chosen modes of transportation offer little to no protection from negligent drivers who can cause serious catastrophic injuries or even death. We at our firm are passionate about protecting the rights of accident victims. With nearly 30 years of experience we help you file for rightful compensation from the negligent driver responsible for your injuries.

About knockdowns and other pedestrian injuries

Pedestrian accidents, such as knockdowns, are most often a result of the careless actions of negligent drivers who are distracted or speeding. If you are a pedestrian commuting to work or another destination, any time a driver fails to see you or loses control of a vehicle, you could be knocked down. If this has happened to you, you need a competent, aggressive injury lawyer,

Pedestrian laws protect you if a negligent driver strikes you or your loved one in any of the following situations:

Crossing the street at a crosswalk or street corner

Walking along a roadway

Walking on the sidewalk

Walking across or walking the perimeter of a parking lot

As an injured pedestrian, you can seek compensation for medical bills and loss of earnings from the insurance company just the same as if you were injured because of a negligent property owner. If the fault or negligence is clear, an accident lawyer can help you file a claim to recover damages.

How bicyclists are affected

Similar to pedestrians, bicyclists can suffer serious injury in knockdown accidents. But bikers face other risks from sharing the roadway with motorists. For example, “dooring” occurs when someone in a parked car opens the vehicle’s door without looking and hits a passing bicyclist, usually knocking the person over, sometimes into traffic. This is a particular danger in urban and semi-urban areas. Additionally, drivers who try to pass bikes on narrow streets can accidentally strike cyclists or even run them off the road.

Even if you are wearing a bicycle helmet, you and your loved ones can still suffer serious or fatal injuries from knockdowns and other collisions with cars. When you need a skilled attorney to advocate for you, our team knows how to help you obtain rightful compensation. We can also protect you from insurance tactics designed to limit or eliminate your compensation after a bicycle accident and injury.


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