Skillful Lawyer Helps You Seek Fair Compensation When You Are Injured by a Defective Product

File a products liability claim

Anyone who suffers injury from a defective product has the right to pursue compensation for all damages, but product liability law contains many complicating factors that can make proving a case difficult. Our product liability attorneys have spent more than two decades helping clients gain the coverage they deserve when they sustain injuries from dangerous products. If a product injures you or your loved one, we can help you obtain payment for your medical costs and financial losses with further consideration of your emotional pain and suffering.

Identifying negligence in your product liability case

Although strict liability laws can hold manufacturers, designers or distributors responsible when their products contain defects that cause death or serious injuries, negligence can extend to a variety of other parties and phases in the manufacturing process, including the following:

Manufacturers of defective parts used in the product that ultimately caused injury

Shippers that cause damage to products while in transit to suppliers

Suppliers that fail to store products in an environment that keeps them in good condition

Sellers that remove critical parts from product boxes and do not remove those boxes from salable stock


n addition to these examples, anyone who suffers injury when a manufacturer breaches a claim made about its product may have the right to pursue a settlement or court decision in a lawsuit. Contrary to common belief, product liability laws do not necessarily require manufacturers to make their promises in writing — in some cases, they can imply promises that the law may hold them to when injuries result.

A thorough legal analysis by experienced attorneys can help identify the validity of any case. Whether your potential lawsuit involves a tire blowout, lead paint poisoning or any other type of product injury, we offer a free initial consultation so you can obtain a thorough assessment of your case and learn about your available legal options.


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